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If you haven’t tried out our sister location’s food yet, you’re missing out! J’s Hangout bar & Grill serves the best Thai food and drinks. Visit the link below to check out our menu!

J’s Hangout Bar & Grill

(971) 371-4987

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What are our diners saying?

"It's so nice to wake up on a Monday morning and know you're going to Blue Moon Diner for breakfast! Blue Moon Diner is such a cozy, unique little restaurant. The food is excellent, the music is great, and the servers are so friendly and accomodating. It's a great atmosphere to be in. I'm so thankful for the Blue Moon Diner!"
C. Cleworth
"SPREAD THE WORD! Great hamburgers are here at the BLUE MOON! With good fries and good coffee. My friend had the meatloaf -- also excellent. Many more items on the menu I want to try. Old 40's-50's music, which I really like, and period artwork on the walls adds to the classic, stainless diner atmosphere. I bought a t-shirt and I'LL BE BACK -- with more friends!"
P. Vassler
"Love this place! Me and my everyday hero always make sure to hit up this diner for an early dinner before heading off to the drive-in. Those belgian waffles are hella tasty!"
W. Graham
"Blue Moon is the perfect place to bring the family... and we always get our free smiles!"
L. Golan
"Blue Moon Diner has the best breakfast in Beaverton and the most replica rolex amazing staff on the planet. I love you guys!"
C. Platt
"Blue Moon Diner is my family's favorite breakfast spot. Your chef is hands down the best egg man in town. We'll see you again soon."
G. Stanford

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